Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Of Monsoon Clouds and a Summer Soul

"For him in vain the envious seasons roll, who bears eternal summer in his soul."
- Samuel T. Coleridge


haathi said...

aah the rains are here!
i cant tell if they make me glad or sad, its a mixed up up and down sort of feeling.. but the clouds are so immensely dark and over cast and overpowering, its almost humbling..
time to go feel a little gloomy now.. :(

Ajeya said...

hey, the post wasn't supposed to make you feel gloomy. *sigh*

haathi said...

i was just gloomy on the side..not from reading the blog.. hehe dont worry, mood swings suck, the pass also!

akshay said...

eternal summer of the guileless mind.

Anonymous said...

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