Sunday, November 13, 2005

Moving On...

I'm moving on now. It's been a busy week with lots of work happening so I've had little time to feel sorry for myself. Actually, I'm not anymore. It's still hard to not stay in touch with my ex-girlfriend but I'm kind of managing. Going to my grandfather's birthday lunch. He just turned 78 (I think!) and he's doing pretty good for a 78-year-old. Getting a bit cranky but he's alright. Swell guy. Yeah so that's the plan for today. A birthday lunch and maybe I'll start reading a new book today. A friend of mine recommended Sophie's World so I'm going to check it out.

Rest is good. Nothing earth-shattering happening right now. I think I've had my earth-shattering moment for the year :) Yeah, anyway, got to run now. Maybe I'll catch up on some other blogs. Peace.

Friday, November 04, 2005

And that is how the cookie crumbles

Yeah, it finally happened. We broke up after more than five years together. It's a strange feeling of emptiness, hurt and god knows what. I think the most difficult part for me has been that I have not understood the reason for us breaking up. I believed that we could work it out right till the end but I guess it takes two hands to clap. I have no regrets whatsoever. I have been fortunate to enjoy a beautiful relationship that lasted this long. My girlfriend and me shared some wonderful highs and some awful lows but it has all been worth it. It's over now. She's decided to go her own way to pursue her dreams and I to pursue mine. It's a sad feeling but I believe it will work out for the best. The time has come to move on. Our five-year old relationship is over. And that is how the cookie crumbles.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Almost dumped

Yeah, that's what's happened in my life. I've almost been dumped by my girlfriend. I see it coming in the next week. She's going to call me and tell me 'Ajeya, I don't think I can do this anymore.' or something like that.

We've been going out for more than 5 years now. I don't know how life is going to be after this. It's just that you get used to being with a certain person. I'm going to have to let go of all the memories and all the baggage that I've accumulated witht this relationship. Don't get me wrong. I'm really sad. But I guess life has to move on. She's doing her PhD at a university in the U.S. while I'm here in India getting something started on my own. (I quit my job, last week, yeah, feels good!) I always thought it was going to last and be a long-term thing but I guess life has a funny way. It's going to be difficult, the next few weeks, but I'm going to hang in there, keep my chin up, and do what I have to do.

Like Patty Smyth sang, sometimes love just ain't enough. Cheers Patty! I know how it feels.