Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Holiday Interrupted

I should've been on the train to Himachal Pradesh now. But I'm not. The afternoon before I am supposed to leave I get hit by this nasty viral infection and I'm laid low for a good three days.

I'm not sure how to react to this. Everything's so out of control. I've been looking forward to this holiday for months. And then some virus decides it's time Ajeya got beat. Sucks that it went so wrong. But I guess there's a reason for everything. Maybe my karma demanded this. Some advice, be careful about what you want. It might not be what you 'really' want.

There's a chance of getting there if I'm back to normal tomorrow and I'm hoping I've done something to earn this trip. If it doesn't work out, ah well, it probably wasn't supposed to happen.

Since I've done all I can to get better, I am just going to accept things as they come. Because it's not something I can control. Not now, anyway. And I'll close with a great quote from one of favourite movies, Jerry McGuire...

"Roll with the punches, tomorrow's another day." - Dicky Fox (Jerry's mentor)

Bring it on biatch!


ramblingmuse said...

Sending healing thoughts your way...


Alexys Fairfield said...

Sorry to hear that you came down with a virus, especially during your vacation time.

I was imagining you communing with nature, not knowing you would be communing with the nature of self. I hope you feel the love and energy from all of your blogger peeps.

Maybe your need for R&R supercedes your desire for the mountain?

Sending lots of light and blessings, along with magic fairy dust to make you better.

namrata said...

Sending you loads of get well soooonnn wishes:)Take care of yourself properly; all the hot water gargling thingy , medicines on time, enough rest and you'll be on your way to the trip soon.
Even if it doesnt work out, the rest will do you plenty of good..theres a good side to everything:)you just have to see it..:)

shacune said...

Yikes thats terrible
I just dropped by to check if by any random chance u were posting from HP...

Hope u feel better


Noojes said...

yikes posted from my moms blog ID by mistake


Ajeya said...

RM... thank you!

Alexys... ended up communing with a virus :)

As for the desire for R&R *sigh* I'm not too sure. Maybe this is like one of those resultant desires, like resultant forces. You know when 2 perpendicular forces act on a body, it moves in a direction somewhere between them?

Feeling the love! :-D And I am much, much better now. Thank you!

Namrata... I've missed the trip but it's OK.

I got the gargling, steam, anti-biotics and all that covered. thanks! and true, there is a good side to everything :)

Noojes... Terrible? It's a disaster! Nah. It's OK. I'm dealing with it. It's a process. (Analyze This anyone?)

Anonymous said...

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