Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What is it about love that is so amazing?

I've thought about this question many times. I'm a complete romantic and I always wonder what it is about this love thing that is so beautiful.

One of the many conclusions I have arrived at is that love helps you take the focus off yourself. You do things for someone else, your happiness lies in the other person's happiness to a great extent and it keeps your mind focussed on something other than just your own needs.

I've often reflected on the highs in my life (love is one such high) and observed that when I have lost myself, when I've almost forgotten the 'I' existed and just enjoyed the moment, those highs have just happened.

Does anyone else feel that way too?


haathi said...

you're right, love helps take the focus off yourself. if you're sad, love makes you stop thinking about it, if you're happy, love makes you want to share it. most of all, it makes you do things you wouldnt normally do..and thats always a high for me! and the biggest high IS in losing yourself so completely in the moment of enjoyment..it is for me too!

namrata said...

nice blog:)
well..love is definitely a high. it makes you live when u wish u were rather dead. it makes you smile at the most ridiculous of things and ya it makes your world suddenly seem brighter in the darkest of moments and when ur in love even the smallest of things, makes you so happy that you begin to wonder if it were 'destined' to happen:)strange, but all of us love to be in love..anytime anywhere:)

Alexys Fairfield said...

Soul exists because God loves it. It is what we are here for. It smoothes life's rough edges. It gives us hope, faith, makes up get up everyday, puts a spring in our step, softens the shrill of disappointment. It is everything. Love is the sum of all. :)

ramblingmuse said...

Yes! Those are the moments that life is all about. When you're so fully of joy and gratitude that you have no idea where the time went!