Thursday, June 01, 2006


Yes, the monsoon is officially here. The smell of wet earth, the vibrant green on the plants and trees, a great time for a nice trek and the time when the new academic year begins for thousands of school and college-going students. What fun!

The monsoon always reminds me of my first day in a new grade. The shopping that would precede the first day at school. The pencil-box with fancy buttons, the nice smelling eraser, the pencil that didn't need to be sharpened, gumboots for the rain. The list is endless. I'll never forget the suspense of finding out who our class teacher would be in school. It used to be such a huge event. We'd hope for our favourite teacher to become our class teacher. Sometimes it would happen and sometimes our nightmares would come true. But it was all part of the fun.

Then between classes we'd run down and splash dirty water on each other with our gum boots, play soccer in the garden behind school in our spotless white uniforms until we were caked with muck and run back up to class only to be disallowed entry for being dirty. Oh joy!

The monsoon is more than just another season for me. I take it to be symbolic of the cleaning I need to do internally. Weeding out the negative thoughts and desires and looking at life afresh, with new eyes and renewed enthusiasm. It reminds me of the return I want to make, the return to innocence.


ramblingmuse said...

It's the cycle of life happening, I suppose.

It's poignant how seasons and certain times of the year become so symbolic to us as we 'grow up'.

I think somewhere life happens and then suddenly we're on this quest to return to that childlike faith and wonder about life. I keep wondering if I will ever shake off the reality of life and truly live from that perspective ever again.


BTW...I take it that you've recovered from your illness? Did you, or will you be, taking a vacation now that you're better?


namrata said...

You know, its nice that ur still one of the lucky mumbai'ites to have such good memories of the rain..the rains still make u smile ..unlike so many more in this city who hate the rains today cause of last yr. What must those people think of the rains? Do they also have happy memories? Or did all those happy memories drown in the rains last yr with their loved ones?...There may be so many kids who dont want to go to school this monsoon..will they have such lovely memories to think back upon when they see the rain about 10 yrs down the line?...

Ajeya said...

RM... :) I'm not sure how real or unreal life is. But sometimes, even I wonder why I'm unable to hold on to that childlike faith.

And thanks, I am well now. I missed the planned trip though. Don't know when I'll be heading out of town next.

Namrata... I was also one of those who had to sleep in office without electricity, wet, without water to clean up and lots of other stuff. It wasn't a pleasant couple of days outside home. I cannot say I lost anyone I love to the floods last year and it was bad.

However, I prefer to remember the happy things while being aware of the bad stuff. It's all a question of how we look at it.

Alexys Fairfield said...

I've never been in a monsoon but it sounds enchanting. I think all rain is a renewal. The earth needs it as much as the spirit. We don't get enough of it in Southern California, but when it comes, it's such a blessing.

Rain conjures up a lot of childhood memories for me too. The class schedule usually changed to rainy day schedule, where we played indoor games during lunch and recess.

I remember walking home from school splashing puddles and getting completely soaked. Then going home and hanging wet clothes by the heater to dry and the smell of freshly made chicken soup and chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.

Everything seems to smell and taste that much better when you come in out of the rain. Rain adds a real flavor.

Yes life was innocent, but I never lost that innocence, losing it would be losing the very essence of me. God is the shelter in a storm.

Noojes said...

You took me right back to my childhood uhm minus the muck - yuck hehehehe

But honestly the monsoon can be farely therapeutic

Have u ever cried in the rain?

It is a process that makes you feel so small and yet one on one with the universe

Cleanse away


Ajeya said...

alexys... never been in a monsoon?!? come to mumbai now! :-D but you're absolutely right, rain adds a flavour to life, the monsoon is my fave season!

noojes... I dig muck! Especially playing football and diving around in it (when there's a shower close by of course) heeheheheheh...

cried in the rain? out of joy and sorrow. what a rush! a humbling experience. And I love 'Cleanse away'!

Anonymous said...

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