Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The 'H' List

This one's for Noojes. She's feeling down so I thought I'd try and brighten up her day.

She's given me a letter, 'H' and I have to list ten words beginning with 'H' explaining what the word means to me. Here goes...

Happiness: I came across this formula for happiness. It goes like this

Happiness = No. of desires fulfilled / No. of desires harboured

I've thought about it a lot and it seems to make sense. Go figure.

Health: It means a lot to me. It's about being healthy physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. But more literally, football, jogging/running and squash in the mornings.

Hanging Out: Chilling out with close friends at the cafe next door, drinking wine at Mondy's (weird huh? I'm not big on beer) and watching a movie at Sterling. (It sucks that its shut down!)

Heat: What we're experiencing in Mumbai and most of India right now!

Haggling: I detest bargaining and haggling over prices. Shopping on Colaba Causeway is NOT my scene.

How?: One of the questions I keep asking.

Heather Graham: Very hot!

Hmm... : Thinking about my next two 'H' words! :-D

Himachal Pradesh: One of the most beautiful states of India. And I'm going there for a holiday at the end of the month!!!

High... on life, on white wine (very rarely ;) )



Noojes said...

Aww Thanks Ajeya :)

You managed to put a smile on my face...

So how often are u at Mondys?


Ajeya said...

was at Mondy's on Fri evening. GO there about once a month on an average. Happy to put the smile back where it belongs! cheers!

Anonymous said...

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