Monday, May 29, 2006


I'm not really inspired to write anything today. It's been one of those dull Mondays. Stuff happening, work happening, but rather uneventful.

The forecasters say the monsoon is 3 days away. I can't wait for it!

While we wait the arrival of the rain gods, go burst some bubble wrap (keep your speakers on for full effect). Happy Popping!


namrata said...

Love the bubble wrap!!!hehehe, perfect stress reliever!!And the popping sound's amazing:)i played it on manic mode with my speaker loud enough,was hilarious. damn addictive:)
try this link. u might have played it before, but its equally good:)u click on the penguin first, then immediately on that monkey in good timing so that the moneky can beat the penguin with his bat! the farthest ive gone is 357:)lemme know if you like it!!hehe:)

haathi said...

what fun!! now i can make up for all the times adults stopped me from popping the real thing!!

ramblingmuse said...

LOL! Pretty cool! :-)

Alexys Fairfield said...

How could someone who has inspired many through Bubble Wrap therapy NOT feel inspired? It's the shizzle!

Ajeya said...

namrata... smack the pingu! hehe... I played it so much after we lost LF at TIS. It can take out the frustration :)

haathi... fun comes na??? down with the adults!

RM... Manic mode is a trip!

Alexys... Fo shizzle!

Alexys Fairfield said...

My Nizzle!