Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I want to...

...be a better person everyday

...give my best to everything I do

...live my dream

...spend time with myself

...watch the sunrise every morning

...be as fit as I possibly can

...be a better son to my parents

...develop meaningful relationships

...cuss less

...be grateful for all I have been blessed with

...walk in open fields, on the mountains, at the beach and admire Nature

These are some of the things that are important to me. There are times when I act in a manner opposite to what I really want. But what's important is that I keep my chin up and keep trying. I'll get there someday, soon.


Noojes said...

I want to be happy always
I want to always be smiling

I want i want i want

When do we ever say I want to GIVE...


namrata said...

completely agree with noojes..its time we thought of 'giving' now.....and maybe isnt it better to say you 'need' these things?..rather than want?..maybe if you feel you need them, you might work harder towards the goals...ive always felt wanting things makes you a little selfish and needing things makes you humble...

The Entropy of Smruthy said...

think i like yours better... :)

Alexys Fairfield said...

You can....
reach all of the goals that you set forth. There is something satisfying in accomplishment.

Glad that you climbed back on the horse.
Ride 'em cowboy!

ramblingmuse said...

You sound much better in this post! :-)

I have my own list of things, too and the sooner we start focusing on what is working, and learn from what is not, the better place this world will be.

Keep on keeping on!


Ajeya said...

noojes, namrata... appreciate your comments. but to me giving is an inherent part of reaching what I want.

smruthy... glad you dropped by :)

alexys... yee haawww!!!

RM... yeah, I lost my focus a bit this past week.