Monday, June 30, 2008

Time for the Outdoors!


After many months of waiting, it's finally here. The monsoons and trekking season! I'm not much of a trekker but I really love being outdoors in the rain.

Hilly landscapes covered in every imaginable shade of green all looking so clean and fresh, waking up early on Sunday morning to a calm, quiet Mumbai, the picturesque ride, and best of all, walking up the hillsides through the gleaming streams as they bubble and chatter away over rocks and stones.

Mountains, fog and trees uninterrupted by human intrusions are a sight for sore urban eyes. I could spend hours just looking into the distance from the edge of a mountain, just losing myself in the scenery. I really need a nice rainy trek.

I think we are closest to ourselves, when we are close to Nature.

I'm off to Prabalgad Fort this Sunday. Really excited! :)


Mee said...

How lovely!:) so how was this place? How does one get thr, what road does one take?

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi Ajeya,
Nature has a way of sanctifying our Soul. Embrace it.


Ajeya said...

mee... i'm going there on sunday (6th). it's organised by this group called strawberry outbound. check out their website yeah.. even i was like 'why strawberry??!?!' :)

Ajeya said...

Alexys... it truly does. I sent those 6 points from yesterday's post to all my friends at work. they really liked it. :)

Mee said...

Awww r they like those team building outdoorsy guys? Think I know of them. Did similar stuff with The Explorers. Will check site, thnx. Await to know more frm your trip:) enjoy!:)

Ajeya said...

I think they do team-building stuff too but I'm not going for one of those things. Just a normal hike for fun. :) Definitely will enjoy the trip! Thanks! :)