Friday, June 06, 2008

Running # 18

Today's Run:
Distance: 8 km
Time: 48 min 32 sec

Today's run was beautiful. Outdoor and in the rain. I was able to take a couple of minutes off my last time because it was cooler.

It felt great to have the rain hit my face on Marine Drive. Cool, refreshing and a welcome change from the sultry summer. The streets look washed, the air has that yummy rainy smell and you stick your tongue out to catch a few raindrops. If the monsoons were a woman...

Anyway, I followed-up the run with a monster breakfast. Here's what I pounded after it:
  1. 3 boiled egg whites
  2. A big glass of watermelon juice
  3. A slice of whole-wheat bread
  4. 3 of those small yellow bananas
  5. 3 chickoos
  6. A bigger glass of mango milkshake
  7. 6 almonds
Holy shit! I just realised... that's a lot of food!!! There must be an orchard growing in stomach right about now.

I love breakfasts! :)


Mee said...

Ajeya: a vivid imagination and an exotic breakfast! Folks like me look at the rains and say raindrops falling on my head... @ marine drive today the sea was swollen and the waves were hugely high, probably twas high tide time mee thinks!Looked awe insipring and scary!
Watch out Ajeya! @ this rate of brekker you will be running far more than today (wink!)

Lakota said...

what's a chickoo?
i'm thinking it's not like a stick of chicklet gum...
or a baby chicken...
or the triplets living next door...

Ajeya said...

mee... :) it's just brilliant! i love the monsoons! :) yeah, i hope to run much more!

lakota... :) sorry about that. we call it a chickoo in india. it looks something like this... (chk out the link)
lol... it's a fruit. No gum, no chicken, and definitely not triplets! haha!