Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Bruges

Watched In Bruges twice in two days and I loved it both times!

I love British humour! Understated, caustic and stinging.

It's a dark, completely mental and hilarious movie with a bit of blood, gore and expletives thrown into the mix. Brilliant!

Two hit-men. One gay, the other with the brain of a 5-year-old. The gang leader, Harry, who calls his wife "an inanimate fuckin' object", a Russian gun-runner, Yuri, who calls dum-dums dim-dims, a racist midget (the same one from Death at a Funeral!!!) on ketamine... the list is endless.

The beauty of the movie is that it comes across as idiotic. But beneath the surface, there is a lot of serious thought, wit and darkness.

Please do watch! Blood, gore and expletives notwithstanding. DO NOT miss the last few dialogues of the movie!

P.S. There was this stupid teeny-bopper who actually cried at the end of the movie! The world never ceases to amaze.


Mee said...

Ajeya, this is so not my type of movie, but becos you are so emphatic, and becos I have much time to watch movies, I will:-)

Ajeya said...

I was emphatic about me liking it. I'm just trying to cover my ass in case you don't like it ;)

haathi said...

i SO wanted to see it, but i think it didnt last very long in bangalore.

i missed it!

Mee said...

Kol nvr got this movie!! I hope its still running when I get back to aamchi mumbai

Ajeya said...

haathi... cheee sooo sad! please to get dvd. or i'll send you when it's released.

mee... whadda saying! i don't think it'll last too long here either. theatres weren't full when i went.

Mee said...

Hey Ajeya- my bad luck:(

Am sitting at kol airport with no clue when the flight will #*#!:-! Take off, so decided to cheer myself by getting those tickets on the phn- called adlabs, imax, but luck!! Is it not playing anymore?

U may have to get 2 dvd copies methinks :(

Ajeya said...

mee... that sucks! 2 dvds? sure thing :)

Mee said...