Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Skies

The sky at Marine drive was breath-taking yesterday. I drove by in the afternoon and it looked like a blissful sheet of blue with a few patches of white clouds and even fewer patches of dark ones. Picture perfect!

Then in the evening, as Mumbai city wound down, the sky took on mellow shades of orange, red, purple and navy. The lights sparkled in the distance, their reflections dancing on the water ripples.

I wish I could express the peace I felt being witness to the sight. But words fail us sometimes.

The Summer of '08 has been good. The sound of cuckoos as I walk to the gym early in the morning, mango milkshakes at breakfast and, of course, the clear skies.

I don't quite know what looking at the sky does to me. A sense of space that we so badly lack in urban life I guess. So easy on the eyes.


Alexys Fairfield said...

I always feel that looking at a sky reflects all possibilities in life.

Peace be with you.

Ajeya said...

Alexys... :) and with you. thanks.