Friday, May 23, 2008


The longer I work in a regular 9-to-5 job, the more I feel I'm not cut out for it.

I've always broken rules and despised authority and loved being the underdog. And now, I find myself fading. I don't know why. I don't know if I can handle this homogeneity that is forced upon us. It's slowly, very slowly, breaking my spirit. This despite working at a relatively liberal organisation.

I'm cynical about big business. Why must we work towards 40% profit growth? Why do we want to grow? What if I decided it's okay to not get my next raise and left work at 4 every evening, played football at the park, went home, showered, ate a healthy dinner, watched the sports news and went to sleep everyday? Would I really complain about not being paid well? Why do I feel like I never fully fit in at these big offices? I'm rambling.

Professional restlessness is kicking in.


Anonymous said...

Nice post..tell me about not fitting in big offices. I just quit my old job, to come back and work in a smaller organization.

The bigger ones are way too money minded ive realised. And i dint want to be a part of that race.

Im often asked, if i felt anything about having given up the big salary, and i say no, not when i feel peaceful and alive again.

Ajeya said...

Anon... Thanks. Yeah. But it's not an easy choice. People tend to overthink decisions like that. Brave move though. I hope it works for you.

Mee said...

hey u! I just kicked my job- did 18years there (a lifetime!) and finally quit, exactly for those reasons you spelt there in your post:-)

all it takes is a wee bit of courage, and lo behold suddenly there are many "lrge org's" wanting to hire me again

am happy watching ipl, french open, kimi and massa "tailing" hamilton in monaco... air in lungs for the first time ever! feels good:-)

Ajeya said...

mee! Thanks for dropping by :) You did? Wow! That's a BIG decision! I'm thinking I'll follow your lead though. Very soon! :) Cheers.

haathi said...

im so with you on this post. i feel/have felt exactly the same things on almost all my jobs so far. it probably explains why iv swtched 3 jobs in the short span f 1 year. criss crossing questions, restlessness, questions that go unanswered making everything seem so futile, often make me take the step and just quit.

now, after a month of doing pretty much nothing, and just thinking about what i wat and enjoying the little things of mundane everyday life, i think i may have found what im looking for :)

an added advantage is i now have all the time in the world to gym, to meet friends iv ignored for a long time now, spend time at home, laze around as and wen i please, catch a movie every weekend.. life is good when i take charge, iv found..rather than be dictated by a routine you hav little control over.

ps: i love your blog.

Lakota said...

i left the corporate nightmare several years back to strike out on my own as a freelancer and subcontractor and have never ever regretted it. sometimes i have to work harder than people in the 9 to 5 jobs when a project calls for it - but i determine what jobs i want and don't want. i get to spend every day being creative and even though i may bitch at times about ungodly deadlines i don't have to fit some predetermined mold as defined by some moronic suit. i'm never bored anymore. my work is often fun and challenging. i can't imagine ever going back to the 9 to 5. i don't follow rules well. ~shudder~

Mee said...

U know what Ajeya, when the time to quit comes , you wil know, and you will act then
Till that happens, chill and follow your heart, who knows, thr might just be a super creative role ahead of you in the same company!:-)

Haathi is soo right!:-) ditto what you say!

Ajeya said...

haathi... yeah, I'm going to pull the trigger real soon! and thank you! :) but why haven't you been writing on your blog?!?!?!

lakota... i think it's great you've been able to make it work for you. like i said to the other commenters here, I will pull the trigger! :) BTW, your blog is WAYYYYYY hot! ~grin~

mee... yeah, I think the time has come though. I just need to pull myself together and actually do it. :)

Mee said...

Ajeya keeping my ears tuned:-)