Thursday, May 08, 2008

Perverse Opinions

I am amused by George Bush's and the White House's stupidity yet again. Just when you think he's been doing well for himself, primarily by keeping his mouth shut, he'll go and shoot himself in the foot, exhibiting his incompetence and complete ignorance by saying something like this “[India’s] middle-class is bigger than our entire population... When you start getting wealth, you demand better food... and prices... go up.”

So what are you suggesting, Mr. Bush? That our countries stay poor and our citizens remain malnourished while you fatten yourself on mac-and-cheese, greasy McDonald's burgers and beef steak?

As if this wasn't an eloquent enough parading of the White House's foolishness, a few days later, they go and say oil prices are going up because of India and China. Hello!?!? Did we ask you to invade Iraq? Look at oil prices before your mass murder began, Mr. Bush. The numbers tell the story.

As if all this isn't shocking enough, the European Union, who willingly bend over for Bush and his cronies anytime they please and say 'Spank me hard!' with a big wide grin, asked the world (read: all 'developed' nations) not to overlook the, and I quote the EU Commissioner for Agriculture here, "elephant standing in front of them". Elephant = China and India.

You know what Mr. Commissioner, you really shouldn't overlook the elephant. You know why? Because one day it's going to trample all over your ass and drop a big huge douche on you.

Don't get me wrong. I love America and Europe. What would life be without Southpark, Hummers, French wine and Czech models?


Anonymous said...

He heh!! this was a really nice post mate, trust me the western hemisphere eats a lot more, the food consumed is obscene in amounts though really it never shows in the bulges which is big mystery, average EU waste amount is 1.6 Kg a day /person (some knowledge!)

haathi said...

yeah are we forgetting that america is amongst the most, if not the most, obese country in the world?

and india stil has thousands who go hungry everyday..

what a schmuck. i wonder what gives him the balls to make such statements. whats worse?? he gets away with it!!!

Ajeya said...

anon... thanks. interesting factoid! :)

haathi... what to do??!?! the bugger.