Friday, July 21, 2006


I am disappointed and angry with the Government of India. How dare they blanket censor our blogs! If you're wondering why I haven't commented on your blog or updated mine, it's because some idiots sitting in the Government and the National Informatics Centre decided that blogs could create communal disharmony! That's the most ridiculous shit I've heard in my life. Agreed, there may be websites that churn out vicious stuff, but there are also those that promote peace and understanding. So why block out everybody? In fact, if there is a solution to terrorism, it's these selfish mo fo-ing politicians who try and divide people that should be sacked. So here's my solution Mo Fos! Why don't you quit your jobs in the legislature and let some people who actually know their asses from their elbows govern our country. Freaks!

Now that the frustration of not being able to blog has been vented let's move on to more interesting stuff. I'm happy to be back to Bloggerville. It's been a while. I haven't visited Godsleuth, RM, haathi, noojes and esprit's blogs for too long.

Work has been great these past couple of weeks. Its kept me on my toes and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. We did a program on Vedic philosophy for these young scholars going abroad for their Graduate education so that they know a little about our own Indian philisophy before going out there. It was fantastic.

I was in Delhi before that for another event that went off really well. So it was happy too :)

Besides that, my ex-girlfriend is in town for a break from her Phd program. I'm going to meet her this evening for the first time since she called it off over the phone. I'm pretty comfortable with it. Over it. And she's going to be a friend for life I hope. I suppose we're going to have to figure out how we're going to relate with each other going forward, if at all. Let's see how it unfolds.

I'm a little worried about my mom though. She has a difficult time going to sleep sometimes because her mind keeps going back to the day my dad passed away. The memories keep flashing in her mind. I know she will eventually cope but I'm hoping it's sooner than later. As for me, I'm OK talking about it. There are times when my mind flashes back too. But I truly belive what happened was the best for my father. He will be happier where he is. Of that I am confident.

I guess that's all for now. Will catch up on some other blogs now!


ramblingmuse said...


Glad to see you posting! I wonder about you when I don't see a post or a comment for a while. :-)

You, your mom, and family have been in my prayers. *hugs* to all!

Be well, my friend. I'm on blog break right now. Revamping the look and feel, so stay tuned! :-)

haathi said...
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haathi said...

i was so mad at that whole blog-block thing. but in a few hours friends had some way of bypassing the block figured out, so it wasnt so bad. but the idea was so disheartening.

good going with the program in delhi. sounds like good fun!

hope all went well with the ex-girlfriend. i dont think i could ever remain friends with someone i shared a long and deep relationship with. im so all-or-nothing sometimes.

i learnt recentlly that death is REALLY hard to come to terms with. i had nightmares for a week, and im still scared to be alone sometimes. its all in my head and i know it will pass.good to hear you're doing beter. give your mum a hug from us!

Alexys Fairfield said...

Success is the best revenge. Looks like we will have to pelt the Mo Fo's with with peaceful expressions of love, compassion and kindness. Glad they're on their toes, this stuff will kill them.

Ajeya said...

RM... :) Don't worry. I'm doing good now. Thanks for your concern and prayers.

Missing your writing. Come back soon!

haathi... thanks. will give amma a BIG hug for you guys. and the date with the ex was peaceful.

alexys... so true. success is the best revenge.

Anonymous said...

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