Monday, July 03, 2006

Football Therapy

I can't believe the World Cup is coming to an end. It's a World Cup I will never forget. Papa passed away on the day it began, 9th June 2006, my favourite team, Argentina, cruelly lost on penalties to Germany in the quarter-finals, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard missed penalties, and it's all coming to an end this Sunday.

I remember watching the first few matches when I was still dealing with my father's death. It was my escape. For those 90 minutes, my mind was free from everything I had to deal with. Just the ball and 22 players on the football pitch running all over the place. I forgot about 'me'. I lived in the moment, the now, the here and savoured every moment. It was a spiritual experience.

It's all coming to an end soon. The indiscipline, late nights, the lack of sleep and exercise, irregular meal times and yes, the football. Come 9th July, I'll switch back to India Standard Time. Waking up early as I always did, exercising regularly and learning to live life in a new context. I'm looking forward to it in a way. And yet I'm not. When will I see those flicks, step-overs and a goal like Esteban Cambiasso scored against Serbia and Montenegro again? Who knows. But it's been worth every moment. Watching the beautiful game.


Noojes said...

Where you watchin the finals???


Ajeya said...

Mondy's, Geoffrey's, Score Bar or my room. Not yet decided :-)

Anonymous said...

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