Monday, July 31, 2006

In the Fast Lane

The last couple of weeks have simply flown by. It's amazing how 'time' and its flow really depend on our experiences. I'm always reminded on those lines I studied from 'As You Like It' when I was in school 'Time travels in divers paces with
divers persons.'

Well, Time has certainly been galloping for me in the recent past. I've been busy with work and it's really been fun. In the midst of all this, I also applied for an MA in Ancient Indian Culture at Xavier's. I'm hoping it works out because I think I was a bit late applying for the program. Let's see how it goes.

This week is going to be a bit more relaxed. Which means I'll have more time to blog. Yay!


Alexys Fairfield said...

It's amazing how time wraps itself around us, suspends us into space and distracts us with our lives. Before we know it, time moves us to another dimension.

Good luck on getting into the MBA program and cherish every minute of your time on earth.

ramblingmuse said...

Good luck getting into the program!

Ajeya said...

thx people!