Friday, June 02, 2006

Big Picture, Small Troubles

The past couple of days have been tumultous. I've been totally uninspired and lacking motivation. Like a flat cola, you know? When it's been outside for too long. That's how I've felt. Just letting life happen to me.

So today I decided I'm going to pull my head out of my ass. Amazing how often it goes back in but hey, it's a process. So there are two ways I look at it:

1. What are my troubles now compared to the other challenges I've faced in life? Invariably the answer is 'negligible'. And even if the challenge is bigger than I've ever faced, I'd always back myself to come out of it stronger.

2. What are my troubles compared to those some other people face? Absolutely nothing. I really don't have much to complain about.

So it's all about where my attention is really. Why do I end up focusing on the lacunae instead of the sufficiencies? It baffles me sometimes. But when I do end up going through a bad phase, it always helps me to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. A change of perspective. And suddenly, my troubles seem so banal. They are. I know it.


Anonymous said...

I like your thoughts....
As for the monsoon, in '82 in N Ca (USA) there were weeks of the worse rains I can ever remember. And the winds, you could lean forwards and let yourself go, and be held up by them.
Alas, doesn't happen to often, but the weather as everywhere tends now to go every which way.
That's what I've been saying myself, and to others, when we really look close, our lives aren't as bad as many others.
Cheers from the u s of a!

haathi said...

the 2nd option is always how i look at the down in my life and somehow it always works in pulling me out of it. because really, we have SO much to be grateful for, compared to so many people..

ramblingmuse said...

We all have our moments like this. Glad yours only lasted 2 days. I think my last one lasted about a year. LOL!!

But really...a lot of our problems come from thinking too much! Live in the moment and focus on what you can do NOW. Then soon you will realize that you've been a part of life and engaged in it all along!

Be well, my friend!

Alexys Fairfield said...

Get out of your own way. You're stopping progress -- and you don't want to do that do you?

Noojes said...

I believe we are puppets at play

Shakespeare said it well
"All the worlds a stage"


Ajeya said...

Muse... thanks for dropping by. welcome to the highway! life can be pretty good if we want it to be :)

haathi... yes, we do. call me when you come down to mumbai.

RM... thanks. living in the moment. that's something i need to keep in mind.

Alexys... I try. I really do. But it doesn't work sometimes.

Noojes... 'and all the men and women mere players.' We just have to play our parts to the best of our ability. If only it were that easy. *sigh*