Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rain, rain...

Rain, rain come again,
Don't be gone another day,
For oft I wait for you in vain,
Hoping to get away from the heat of May.

You make the green leaves shine,
Pouring from the heavens above,
Giving glee to some, causing others to whine,
Could there be a better season to love?

You cleanse much more than the earth,
Lifting the Soul and giving it mirth,
The clouds, they lose and yet we gain,
Rain, rain come again.


Alexys Fairfield said...

You're such a poet. I'm happy that mirth has crawled back into you Soul.


Noojes said...

I second that :)

Ajeya said...

alexys... :-D Poet? hee hee... It was just one of those bursts of thought that came out. Yes, the mirth has crawled back! Good to see you around again.

noojes... mucho gracias!