Friday, April 14, 2006

What if...

... money didn't exist?

... people ended up marrying the first person they fell in love with?

... we drank more coconut water than Pepsi and Coke?

... healthy food was tasty? or junk food tasted, welllll, like JUNK!?!?

... we were tempted to do things that were actually "good" for us?

... we went to the movies on Monday morning?

... work was fun for everyone?

... we worked only on weekends?

... we were attracted to people who didn't look "good"?

Just some of the random questions that go through my head every now and then. Maybe I just think too much.


Harjee Kapur said...

yes you do.
what if, is a strange thing.
it tells you about possibilities that can only be imagined and oppurtunities that do not exist.

what if we just took life head on the way it comes?
what if we give it back full throttle when life is a bitch?
what if we just for once stop thinking and start living?

Noojes said...

what if we never blogged?
what if we never made friends?
what if we never thought?
what if we never spoke?

what if...


haathi said...

what if we stopped thinking what if?!!

ramblingmuse said...

"What if" questions can be fun sometimes, but I tend to wonder more about origins. Like, who created bubble wrap and how did it become a packaging staple? Or, who was the genius to designed the first cupholder in our cars?

I'll think about these and other types odd inventions and conveniences. Sometimes I'll take the time to look up the origin, but often I wonder what the inventor was like, or wonder how he got his inspiration.

Hope you're having a good weekend!


Ajeya said...

harjee.. yeah. i do. sometimes. and "stop thinking and start living" is my thought for the day :)

noojes, haathi... what ifs can really suck a lot of the time.

RM, ever wondered why "abbreviation" is such a big word? ;) hope you had a fun weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

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