Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Back to scoring!

Much as I wish it was with girls, it isn't. I'm talking about goals on the football (soccer for my international audience.. hmph vain :) ) pitch. I'm back to my exercise routine now and feeling much much better. Went for the usual Marine Drive run this morning. It was great. Very relaxing.

I can't think of too much to say today. Oh yeah, how could I forget?!?! I went to a date with this really pretty girl on Sunday. She seemed a bit uptight initially. Maybe overly conscious of herself for some reason. I'm not sure. But it was peaceful. We lunched at a nice place, hung out at the local bookstore and drove to a lake nearby. I enjoyed myself and she messaged me later to tell me she had a great time too. It was a nice casual date.

Meanwhile, a storm has hit Indiana and Midwest USA - where my ex-girlfriend studies - so I mailed her to find out if she's doing ok. Hope everything's alright.

And since I speak about Marine Drive so much, I figured you might as well see it for yourself. Here you go...

Better get back to work


ramblingmuse said...

Ooooo....niiiice pic! I love running along the water too! How many miles are you running now?

Yay about the date! Do I see a 2nd date in the future? Yes? ;-)

Ajeya said...

Yeah, it is really nice in the early mornings. I do 7 miles once a week and 4.5 twice a week. Running is a rush!

:) 2nd date. I hope so

Noojes said...

i love marine drive
i heart bombay

Ajeya said...

yay for mumbai! :)

Anonymous said...

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