Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Birthday To My Ex-Girlfriend

It's Feb 5 and it's my ex-girlfriend's birthday. I'm really bad with birthdays actually. I think they're a bit silly. I mean what are we celebrating really? The day we came in to this world and blessed it? Who are we kidding? Well, to me it's more of an excuse to throw a party. I don't mean to be cynical or anything but to me we should wake up everyday with the same enthusiasm or whatever it is we wake up with on our birthdays. (Hangovers? not really) Even age to me is a meaningless number. (after you get your driving license and liquor permit of course) Much ado about nothing. Well, it's Feb 5 and it's still my ex's birthday. Our break-up has done me good. It shook me out out of my stupor (a little, cmon gimme that much) and I feel I can take more risks somehow. I don't what it was but something kept holding me back. Anyway I've learnt a lot from the whole thing and I'm enjoying myself now. Happy Birthday Ex! Hope you're happy and have a great year ahead :) (Who knows? She might read this one day). Over and out.


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