Thursday, February 16, 2006

Road Trippin'

We're off to Mahabaleshwar tomorrow morning for Mol Master's wedding and all of us are totally charged up for the trip. I'm going to be driving my noble steed (zen) all the way from Mumbai to there and back. Haven't been out of town for a while now. When was the last time...mmm.. yeah! October. Goa. That was nice. But it's been nearly six months since and a two-day break just does it for me.

I went for my morning jog at Marine Drive today after like ages (atleast it felt like that although it's only been a week). Surprisingly, I eased through the entire 7 km (approx) run. Quite happy about it.

Yeah so I'm thrilled to be driving to Mahabaleshwar. It's this quaint hill station famous for strawberries (and gujjus!) and the lake. My friends say we should check out Hindu Gym there and play tennis but I think that's too urbane. I'd love to run around the place aimlessly, scope the area and of course the pretty lasses at the wedding.

Friday night is dandiya night (hello?!?! it's a gujju wedding and we'll be in mahabaleshwar!!) so a couple of friends and me went to Fabindia to buy some kurtas and stuff. Saw a total hottie there. What's with bookstores and Fabindia?!?!? They're always full of hotties. Dang

Back to the trip...we're leaving tomorrow morning at 6 and I have no f@$#ing clue how my friends are going to be awake at that time. I'm an early riser so it's cool for me but the rest of the guys are going to have problems. I see us leaving around 7 (at best).

I'm looking forward to the drive!

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