Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday Mornin' Blues

If you think you read it wrong (or I got it wrong), you're wrong. It's right. And I do mean Sunday. As I have mentioned earlier, my close buddy, The Mol Master renounces his bachelorhood next weekend. We, his fellow bachelorhood friends who have known him for 20 out of a total of 25 years fo his life, have decided to spend this week doing what he will NEVER be able to do once he steps onto Planet M (no, not the music store) during a well-planned ceremony this weekend.

For starters, we spent the last two thumb-busting nights playing our favourite games on the PS2 till about 5am (I'm hung over from gaming). We went to our favourite watering holes around town (and a couple of new ones along the way) and spent endless hours at the Barista near Sterling Cinema shooting the breeze. So through all this celebration, I have turned my body clock every which way. I'm totally exhausted and I'm going to spend my evening watching 'Rang De Basanti' with a friend.

As The Mol Master walks into the sunset of his bachelorhood, we his school buddies and the rest of the gang wish him the very best. Here, here...

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