Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Warning: This may sound like teenage love trouble to some (It isn't!!!! I'm 25 for f#$%'s sake!). Please bear with it.

Ok, here's the deal. If you don't know already, I went to a very close buddy's wedding at Mahabaleshwar. I drank a lot and ended up telling three hot women that I thought they were extremely attractive (or something like that... how am I to remember?!?!?). So I got one girl's phone number the day after and apologised for any indiscretions (of which there were none I was told). We get back on Sunday. I message her on Monday saying hi and eventually asking her out for coffee. She says she will message after she gets done with work. She does message eventually, rather late, saying she just got done with work and that we'll catch up for coffee over the weekend and meet at my friend's reception in Mumbai on thursday (before the planned weekend date).

The thing is I'm sooooooo f#$%ing out of touch with this dating scene (I got dumped after 5.5 years towards the end of last year) that I've forgotten the finer aspects of the game!!!! Not that I ever was a player. But still.

Anyway... is it a positive response or a negative one?!? I'm mindF%#@ed and don't know what to do. HELP!!!!!


icy_highs said...

not that im any good at picking up girls but if the wedding things before the coffee thing, then shes not so sure abt u..she wants to giv u the once-over..check u out properly, soberly, n make up her the weddings jkinda like a trial run for u..shes usin u n juding u to see how far coffee shld go..or if it shld happ at if u giv a fuck be cooll.if u dont i dont know..dont be cool..?!

Ajeya said...

I'm cool! :) Thanks for the insight buddy. Will keep it in mind when I meet her tonight. Cheers