Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's Been A While...

...since I've come here. Dunno why, but I haven't felt like blogging this past week or so.

My classes have been going alright. There are a couple of courses I don't like too much and there are others where I am transported to the banks of the River Indus and feel like I am walking on the paved streets of Harappa. (I'm studying Ancient Indian Culture.)

It's amazing what a teacher can do to mould your views about a course. S/He can make a terribly dry subject come alive while another could make every minute in class feel like eternity. It's one thing to have passion and dedication for what you teach but I also feel it's important to understand where your students are coming from. That's why brilliant professors don't always make the best teachers.

Nevertheless, going back to school has been a nice experience. There are a grand total of four students in class! Not surprising for an "unmarketable" degree like a Master's in Ancient Indian Culture.

Academics apart, one of the biggest changes that is happening in my mind. I've been re-examining my philosophy and approach to life. Some of it is encapsulated in my previous post and then there is some more. More about it in another post.

I have a bunch of your blogs to catch up on! :)


Noojes said...

Wow that must be quite a course you are taking!

We're here supporting you every step of the way ajeya

Keep that head up high :)


Alexys said...

Teachers can make or break the desire to learn. I am glad that your desire to learn has superseded the ability of a professor to convey passion. It has to be in the Soul and the Soul has to come alive!

Satandit said...

Hell yeah to teachers who make a subject - any subject come alive. I have at times wondered why all of a sudden from wanting to be a Doctor, I switched to Business...and it was the teacher who taught me in high school - both the science teacher who was so "dry" and "unimaginative" ..and the teacher who taught me marketing in college..who mae it come "alive". I agree with alexys that teachers can make o break the desire to damn glad that you have a professor who makes your subject come alive for you.

Damn glad your back in school....I wonder if I will have the courage to do that....


Ajeya said...

Noojes... Yeah, it's quite fun sometimes. And thanks so much for the support. Keeping my chin up :D

Alexys... Truly they can. It must be in the Soul.

Satandit... Doctor to marketer. wow! :) I only hope I can keep the work and school thing going. Keeping my fingers crossed!