Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In the Company of Stoners

It's strange that almost all of my friends are stoners. And I'm not talking about the odd joint every other weekend. We're talking about 3-joints-a-day people.

There would often be times when everyone around me would be stoned and smiling for no particular reason and I'd be completely comfortable there. I can't tell you the number of times I've been hot-boxed. (If you don't know what hot-boxing is or have never experienced it, trust me, you aren't missing out on anything) My friends say I was passively stoned but I really don't know what it feels like mainly because I've never tried the stuff.

I have to say though that some people make the most intelligent conversation when they're slightly stoned. I don't know what it is that drives people to do it. Maybe it's the high or just the escape from the world. A journey into your own world. They seem to have a sense of idealism. And maybe that's what I like about them. I like being with people who have some deeper philosophy that guides them or people who even question the system. I guess for some people, dealing with the world the way it is gets too much for them. Hence the escape through weed or marijuana or whatever it is that they roll into those papers.

Honestly, I have had my weak moments when I've felt like trying it. I don't know though... I don't fancy artifical stimulants for a high. Certainly not smoking weed or marijuana. I prefer a good run or a workout at the gym. But I think I'm a stoner at heart.


Satandit said...

We are all stoners-at-heart Ajeya -'cuz we are addicted to something or the other : )

I agree with what you said about your peeps being all philosophical etc when they are stoned, some of my friends back in college/school were like that. What was sad, in my viewpoint, was that without the weed they were not as great. It felt to me that they were uninhibited when the pot was in 'em, and claimed to be heroes and what-not in the throes of its addiction, and outside of that ...they were mere wanna-bes. Dont get me wrong, I wasnt insinuating anything about your friends,just mine.

Like you, I dont believe in artificial highs...the high of the crisp,clean morning air, of good company, a job well done etc is a good enough addiction for a lifetime.

anumita said...

Grass is a different high which only the ones who trip on it know. And I have friends who create their best stuff when they are stoned.
Well, even I derive my highs from a good workout. I am addicted to it actually.

Ajeya said...

satandit... More than the addiction bit I think it's just nice to have a little idealism in your mind. Some belief in the good in the world. Because if you don't have that I think people tend to get cynical and desensitize sort of. You know what I mean? True, life can be a real bitch sometimes. But we all have our share of joys.

Anumita... me too! I love a good workout

Anonymous said...

Alexys said...

As someone who once lived with hard core junkies, (heroin) I thoroughly understand your dilemma. I have never touched the stuff myself, but I can see the attraction for most people who don't have a clue of what they want it life? They will use drugs as a crutch (an excuse) so they won't have to be present or responsible for their life. Why would anyone want to be anesthetized and not feel real joy?

Any substance greater interferes with one's perception and decisions. How can we be in the company of gods if we can't be godly? You don't have to be around it either. If your "friends" insist on involving you, then they are not your "friends." It is a weak mind that succumbs to the frivolity of drugs. God is not a 'stoner.'

evil_me_never! said...
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evil_me_never! said...

It is a comfortable numb! unlike you I was unable to curb my enthusiasm to try that shit... But I know one thing for sure, will never do it again!!

I agree with satandit that people who dope are wana bee's they talk the philosophical talk until the stuff is in 'em... that is where it stops, cause none of their jabber has any significance to their own life and such people can hardly influence any sane psyche... at least to me.. as I know those are all shallow talks..

however the kind of person you appear to be is not the one who would take things for their face value... u rather probe for the depth of their hallucinating talk!