Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Time for Change

Yet another day of introspecting has gone by and a new realization has dawned upon me (yes, how wonderful!). I've been in a state of unrest because I've been constantly thinking about what I should be getting when I should be thinking about giving. My focus has been too much on my self and my interests, just too much of me and I'm quite sick of myself. When I think about the happy times in my life, they are moments when I have completely lost myself in an activity. The problem now is that I think only about what I should get instead of doing what I should do.

I live in a country where 400 million people live on less that a dollar a day, millions go starving, few have a roof over their heads, fewer have any access to sanitation and even fewer have access to education. I have all of this and more, yet all I can think of is 'How can I get more?' Honestly, I'm ashamed of myself and my attitude.

Last night, I was reading the June issue of Reader's Digest. There was an article on Halle Berry's role in the rehabilitation of people suffering from diabetes and how giving has changed her life. That's what got me thinking about all this. That's why, it is a time for change, a time for a change in attitude, a time for renewal.

A beautiful quote I read yesterday goes like this, "To whom much is given, much is expected."

I'm not saying I'm going to be the next Mother Teresa or anything (actually I can't, I'm male) and be elevated to sainthood, but I'd like to do my bit and shake off this obsession with my self.

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