Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's Saturday!

Such a strange feeling to get up and realise there's no need to rush to work. There's a lazy feeling in the air and the best part is that the Mumbai Monsoon finally seems to have arrived. It's my favourite season, the monsoon. It's got that romantic feel to it. And the best part is the smell of the first rain, the smell of the wet earth. It's a rush! It reminds me of the new academic year at school, with the new school uniforms, spanking new school-bag and the rest of it. Best of all, it reminds me of the my days at Campion School, Mumbai.

The monsoons, for me, are a time to reminisce about the past and introspect. It has a special place in my mind and I'm sure fellow monsoon-lovers will feel the same.

It's begun to rain as I speak (or more correctly, type.) Time to get the umbrellas out! Woo hoo...

Hang on, why did I call the post 'It's Saturday'?

Check out this photograph of the fearsome clouds and the turbulent Arabian Sea on the Mumbai coastline.

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