Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Running Without Music

I don't particularly enjoy listening to music on my outdoor runs because I worry about pulling the headphone wires out while I run. It's a distraction I can do without when I'm trying desperately to finish a 10 km run.

After reading this article, I now know why. Apparently, I have an associated concentration style. :) I love these little words that researchers come up with!


Anonymous said...

well you dont know me but have been reading your blog for nearly a year ...when you dissapeared and when you reappeared. The writing has imporoved, thoughts are powerful surely you are discovering your self well ! have a great life journey - keep penning cheers SM

Ajeya said...

:) Nice of you to have commented. I will keep writing.

Anita said...

i read the same article yesterday and figured why i need to listen to music while running. or for that matter even on the 3rd day of a long trek