Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Exactly one year ago...

... I walked into my current employer's office for the second 'first time'. (It's my second stint here.)
... I was happy to be single again.
... I was happy to be back where I work.
... I wouldn't have run the half-marathon in 2 hours.
... I was a different person. But not too much. I think.
... I was SO out of touch with good, new music.
... I was determined to go to Bangalore for the Aerosmith gig. (What a trip!)

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haathi said...

exactly a year ago...
...i was thinking about quitting my first job after working there for a whole year
...i thought i wanted to go back to college
...i was happy to be in a new relationship
...i was excited about summer :)
...i wanted to go for the aerosmith gig

and since them, so much has changed..and yet, much remains the same

they're like flipsides of a coin. the change and the constant..