Monday, March 10, 2008

Around the Corner

One of the most beautiful things about life, as I've only recently begun to appreciate, is that you never know what's around the corner. How often do we plan things, have to-do lists, have goals and objectives, call it what you will, and then suddenly something happens that just turns life on its head. Sometimes, it's a bad thing. Sometimes, it's a good thing. And then sometimes, it's just a thing, not good or bad. But it changes your life in some way. In a way you didn't expect.

That's what amazes me everytime. I used to be one of those planning types. Organised. I used to have goals, have a picture of myself five years down the road and all the usual success literatury things that we read in books. And then one of those unexpected events happened that would change the way I saw life.

I'm still sort of organised. But I have no goals. Nowhere where I want to be apart from where I am right now. I believe that there's an intelligence that is far greater than me that knows where I need to be. It's not that I've stopped taking responsibility for my actions but just that experiences in life make me believe that often, I don't know what is best for me.

You do what you believe you need to do, do it to the best of your ability and then let destiny take care of itself. Every moment, my belief is 'I am where I want to be.' It's a thought that has given me tremendous peace and strength. Whether it's a spending a late Friday evening at work or having a blast with my friends at my school re-union, that is where I was supposed to be. Despite my not wanting or wanting to be there at that instant.

That's why every day feels like an adventure. It's a real bummer at times. But then at others, it's like a fairy tale unfolding itself before my eyes. With me as a character.

I love not knowing what life has in store for me. Whether I will live to see tomorrow or not, I will enjoy the journey while it lasts.

Bear the tough experiences, ride the highs, learn from mistakes and be grateful for everything.

I have learnt to give up control of my life, but not the responsibility.


Liara Covert said...

The ego likes to convince us that we can control what happens in our life, that this is in fact, an admirable goal. Yet, we can grow to understand that it is only in letting go of this desire that we truly begin to live and experience the freedom we previously denied.

Alexys Fairfield said...

There is a peace and excitement in not knowing what's going to happen the next minute. The roads ahead of us are carving our destiny before our eyes, just waiting for us to drive.

I also agree with Liara.

haathi said...

hmm.. i feel the same way. i have no real aims or goals in life, just to do/live/feel the way i do to its very best. its a lot easier said than done, but i believe (and iv seen from some limited experience) that the times when i do this, are the times when i most enjoy whatever comes my way (good or bad), and i tend to cruise along without any regrets.

and THAT is the best-est feeling ever.

Ajeya said...

liara... it's liberating.

alexys... on the highway, alexys :)

haathi... isn't it? :) those zones/phases whatever you want to call them are indescribable

Geetika said...

Super post!
I'm definitely going to read and re-read this one...especially when I feel low (which is very often btw)!

Ajeya said...

geetiks!!! what a pleasant surprise! :) miss you at chai ya. no jokes. why low often!!?? :( hang tough! :)