Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It's weird how things seem to be going just fine when, suddenly, something blows up in your face.

I was shocked last weekend by what I heard about someone close to me. It's about the person's past and it could have a huge impact on our relationship. I'm emotionally confused and drained right now.

Some of the questions that are lingering in my head...
...what would drive someone to behave like that?
...what if I have to deal with that kind of behaviour? do I accept such dark truths about someone? am I to feel about the person now?

I'm confused, dazed and shocked and right now I'm struggling to cope.

My mind has never been so clouded.

Just looking forward to the new old job in April.


Satandit said...

~~Hey, I guess I am not that 'known' or 'close' to you to be able to advice you on this issue - however, just one thing - if this person is 'NOT' like that now, just see if you can treat it as something that 'WAS' in the 'PAST'. Also, please do see how hard it is to open up about our past, and have the guts to tell someone else about it..all the while wondering if you will be rejected right out...

You take care....

(Also, real sorry if I overstepped any boundaries here)

Loads of warm hugs~~~~

Anonymous said...

it just does not matter, appreciate the person, wale in the shock for it is only human to go through emotions...but it is more important to surface back,and as far as asking yourself as to how you would have reacted in the situation, one can never be sure for each situation wrt to each individual and thus its reaction is unique and unpredictable, we just live in illusions of our own character's strength and weakeness

God bless and help you source peace and make value based judgement

Ajeya said...

satandit... :) really appreciate the advice. its nice of you to come out and say what you feel. i still don't know what i'm going to do but thanks a ton! btw you didn't overstep :)

anon... you sound like someone i know. thanks for your advice though. but the situation is complex