Friday, March 09, 2007

Back Where I Belong

I didn't want to post about this earlier but I'm happy to say I'm moving back to a company I have worked with earlier. When I look back on my fledgling career, this is the one company I've been really proud to work for. Of course there have been moments of disappointment and disgust, but all in all, it's like going back home. Back to the wonderful friends I made, the cafeteria where a lot more than lunch and coffee happens (ahem ahem) and moments when you'll ask yourself "Is this really work?"

I remember there was this one project we worked on where each of us on the team wrote short scripts for a kid's program. Those brainstorming sessions were something else! They were ridiculous! :) Even thinking of them makes me smile.

At the same time, I'm aware that each company has its drawbacks. At someplaces you'll get loads of money but rather crappy work and at others, you'll get great work but not-so-great money. There's always a trade-off somewhere.

One of the little lessons life has taught me is to not expect too much out of it. Expectations, in my opinion, are bad, bad friends to have. They can really mess you up. When there are no expectations, you learn to to deal with the shit that gets thrown your way and enjoy the unexpected highs. Life becomes a roller-coaster you can enjoy rather than having to throw up midway through the ride. That's why I'm not expecting this job change to be all that I have dreamt of. It isn't. But it is a step in the right direction.
So come April, I will be back where I belong.


Noojes said...

Pick a job u love and ull never work a day in ur life :)

Btw went to Mondys yesterday and thought of u...


Satandit said...

~~Hey...I agreee whole-heartedly with noojes on this one ...
Good though that you have a place,professionally, that you have such positive vibes for.
Good luck...~~

Alexys Fairfield said...

I can say from experience that doing what you love is worth every minute. It will keep you happy.

Ajeya said...

noojes... true that. mondy's?!? :) hope you had a mug of beer for me!

satandit... yeah, have been lucky to have had a good experience there

alexys... nothing like being happy :)

evil_me_never! said...

good luck mate!