Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I was just reading my last post and I have to say I have no idea what was going through my head when I wrote it. So vague! :) One of those moments when you look out the window with no thoughts going through your head and somewhere in between, you write a post. My ex-girlfriend would always ask me, 'What are you thinking?' when I did this and the usual reply would be 'Nothing.' Just wondering, am I the only one who trips out like this?

I digress. So, I was saying, I went through this phase, it lasted some five years, when I thought cursing was a bad thing. So instead of saying 'fuck', which I was saying in my mind anyway, I'd actually say something like 'flip'. Somehow, I was never fully convinced of this 'bad language' argument that I had been brain-washed with so I spent the last few years observing people and what they were saying, in terms of language usage and context. My conclusion is that no word is 'bad' per se. It's about the attitude with which we say something that really makes it 'nasty' or 'not-nasty'.

I've heard some of the most 'refined' people at their eloquent best tear people to shreds and I've heard 'crude' people use what we call 'foul language' to say something really nice about people.

As a result of these observations, I have decided to go back to saying what is in my head, whatever the words be; 'crude', 'refined', 'good', 'bad'... whatever. Because it's not what we say that really matters, it's the feeling with which we say something that really comes across.

So to all those tea-sipping-pinkys-sticking-out, bitching-about-their-friends, smooth-talking people, here what I have to say to you...

Fuck Y'all!


Satandit said...

Sometimes 'vague' is good..
Sometimes 'fuck' is good

The part of society which labels itself as 'refined',is the ugliest in its mind...those people think dirty thoughts,use dirty words,do dirty things all the time..all the time maintaining this facade of pure 'sophistication', of clean thoughts, my darlin Ajeya..if you feel like cussing...cuss away.

evil_me_never! said...
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evil_me_never! said...

Good One!
I suppose it’s good to say what you feel and feel what you say!
Even though you cursing @ some one... feel it!! (Screw it, just do it!) don’t confuse your emotions... express them in the best way possible.. so bring it on;) Ma Nigga!!

Ajeya said...

satandit... :-D I sure as hell will. hope all's well with you!

evil_me_never... welcome to the Highway!

Anonymous said...

chanced upon your site - via noojes link - dont believe am actually writing to a complete stranger but anyways - does not matter what you say -just say it - for it is not what you say but what the other person interprets - some interesting gyaan on this through postivist- interpretive and post modernist lens - nottingham