Friday, November 14, 2008

Running #35

Today's Run
Distance: 15 km
Time: 1 hour 27 min 58 sec

I was really happy with the run this morning. I woke up by 5, got enough time to stretch, cycled to NCPA for the start of the run and was warmed up enough by the time I got there.

The most satisfying thing about the run was getting the rhythm back. I started slowly and picked up the pace gradually. On the Peddar Road downhill to Haji Ali, I was wondering if I'd struggle on the way back up, but the body responded beautifully. Everything was in synch. The breathing, the legs, the arms... I ran on auto-pilot.

I picked up even more pace on the way back and I was surprised. At some point in your running, you become almost a witness to your body. It seems to function effortlessly. Meditative at some level.

Looks like the recovery from the injury is more or less complete. :)


Mee said...

I actually feel relieved for you Ajeya!:) I suffered a very bad back muscle pull a couplea weeks ago and that took forever to heal, I used to work out gingerly when it came to back stretches during my work out and my trainer would seriously worry when I would overcome the phobia! So I can actually totally vibe with this post cause I understand every nuance of stiffness, fear, pain, imagined pain, testing the part gingerly, trying to push it millimeter by millimeter! Glad u r well on your way to recover:)

Ajeya said...

mee.. you did? :( that sucks. hope you recover soon! take care! I'm back to normal pretty much.