Saturday, July 12, 2008

Running #24 and 25

# 24 Tuesday's Run:
Distance: 8 km
Time: 48 min 52 sec

I've decided not to think about the timing on my runs any more. I just want to enjoy my runs like I used to earlier. I've started obsessing over the timing and have struggled to accept the slower times I've been running since stopping the protein supplements.

I think I'm finally over both. This run was nice. Relaxed and easy. I don't have a runner's build. I've heavy bones. Most people can't believe I weigh 72 kgs. I don't look it at my height.

#25 Today's Run:
Distance: Unknown (13 km approx)
Time: 1 hr 17 min 42 sec

Outdoor. One of the most beautiful runs I've ever done. I ran with a couple of friends from the gym and we charted out a nice fun route.

Started at Marine Plaza Hotel on Marine Drive - Chowpatty - turned right at Kulfi Centre towards Opera House - then over Kennedy Bridge - Cumballa Hill - up the Hanging Gardens road up to Walkeshwar - down Walkeshwar back to Chowpatty and then back to Marine Plaza.

The weather was perfect. Overcast, windy and very few people out on the roads in the early morning. The most magical moment - the rain beginning to pour down as we struggled on the uphill past the Tower of Silence on the Hanging Garden road. The road is beautiful even without the rains, trees bending over the street to form a beautiful canopy with gaps just big enough to let a few rays of light through. And when it rains! Ohhhh!!! The smell was trippy.

There were moments during the run when I was in a trance, I had forgotten myself as I took in the sights, the smell of the wet earth and the cool rain hitting my face as we pounded away on the streets. I wish you were there.

P.S. Haathi, next time you're in town, get your running shoes! Mee, you're welcome to join the running group! :) So is anybody else! If anyone in Mumbai City wants to join us running on Saturday mornings, do let me know. Cheers!


haathi said...

hehe id love to, but i dont have a smuch nergy and stamina as you do. that route had me panting, just reading thru..
i walk/run for about 40 mins max, and the running bit lasts between anything from 20-35 mins, withint that 40-45 minute slot. i have to save energy for the other stuff i do at gym. and that often lasts another hour at max..
though i have recently contemplated going to te gym just to run for an hour or so, and do nothing else..its all in the head right now, doubt i have built up the stamina just yet. because i started working out again after a break of 2 years!

Mee said...

U gotta be kiddin dude! Maybe one day... right now the pilates, n the spinning n the capuera n the kickboxing n wat have you kill me a zillion times over ...don't you think tats enuff punishment to atone for my sins? How do you do it Ajeya! You psyche the #*,, outta me!

However Your run today does sound beautiful and the narration captures the magic:) how lovely!:)

I did run too:)( in a manner of speaking) this morning -Since yday for some strange reason I had felt the need to go visit mahalakshmi temple, so this morning got thr by 650am and sat in the car till 710am waiting for the rains to vanish! But no luck, so had to brave the rains - :), stepped out of the car gingerly and tip toed to avoid puddles, tried to duck under the roofs of shops but realized the gusty winds were making a mockery of all that I was trying.. so gave up all struggle! and jogged all the way up completely soaked.-It was beautiful today. The rains had stopped to a constant lite drizzle on way out and I was cold! Teeth chattering made my way back to the car and my early morning adventure still has me on a high:)

About your morning run, tell me -you guys were prepared for the rains? Don't you get cold if the rain comes unexpected?

Ajeya said...

haathi... not everyone runs right through, some folks walk, take breaks and start running again. it's so much the running bit, but the completion that makes it fun. true, one does need a certain level of fitness but anyone who can run for half an hour will manage. anyway, if you want to run and you're in town, you know who to get in touch with. :)

mee... :) fine. as long as you're getting your exercise it's cool. never been to mahalakshmi though. i don't like crowded places. probably that's why. we were mentally prepared for the rain but we wore our usual gear, shorts and tees. cold? nah. actually running generates crazy heat in the body so the rain was welcome! it cooled us off and helped us finish do the run in relative comfort. :)

Ajeya said...

mee... glad you got to see the city drenched in the early morning rain too! :)

Mee said...

Hey!:-) Getting my daily dose of excercise yes!
its not crowded there early morning:), hate crowds myself!

Mee said...

Did too:-)

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Mee said...

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haathi said...

its been 10 days since u last posted!!
we need an update!!!!

Ajeya said...

Sorry, Reva. I posted now! :)