Friday, July 25, 2008

Going Guerilla

A bunch of my friends and I went out to Khopoli (a place about 50 km away from Mumbai) to a friend's farmhouse last Saturday.

It was beautiful! Cool, surrounded by lush greenery and the bungalow was on the banks of a smallish river.

After we loaded up on vada paos and poha, we got ourselves our favourite drinks, mine is a vodka tonic loaded with ice, and goofed around in the bungalow.

Then we went swimming in the river! It was so much fun!!! Rocky, strong current, slippery and mossy, shallow. We had get down on all fours to get through some parts. There was this one moment when I got swept away by the current and took another friend down with me. I swear, we could've died if our heads had hit one of those rocks at that speed. But we came away almost unscathed, with a few cuts and bruises. One of THE scariest experiences of my life. I thought I was gone for a second. I guess that wasn't to be, I'm here writing this post. :)

In other news, I've started playing football again. Went to join my buddies this morning and it was just superb being out there, running in the muck and rain, shouting and screaming... I felt like I was back in school. I think that's one of the small reasons that keeps me going back. We're not like a professional or even amateur team or anything. We practice and play for the love of the game and to stay fit. The coach and the gang we happy to have me back. It felt like going back to family. Fabulous!

Main Story:
Besides football, I've been crazy busy getting my little company going. Thinking of names, logos, bank accounts, meeting potential clients and doing a bit of running around to get it off the ground. I might have to hire a couple writers soon. Let's see.

I already have a project I'm working on and it's quite exciting. So I'm enjoying that.

Going independent has been a great experience until now. I just feel like I'm able to express myself through my work so so much more. It's like breaking the shackles. Honest to god, I don't know how this venture will shape up. But I'm dedicating my effort to Papa who sadly isn't with us, Amma, my grandparents and to another special person.

I'm going to give this everything I've got, my best and will leave the rest to destiny. I'm not scared of not making it. If there's anything I'm scared of, it's not giving my best.

I'm going guerilla.


Mee said...

And there is no other way to go other than guerrilla when you are starting out. What fun!:) Enjoy the ride and am sure you will be a superrrr success.

Dude - mossy water and swimming?! guess caution doesn't play a role sometimes:)

Good to have you back:)

haathi said...

ooh im so happy for you! and also so envious!

keep us posted on the new venture!

haathi said...

ps: id be more than willing to help u with writing work, long distance.. if you need help :)

Ajeya said...

mee... yeah, i'm quite enjoying it right now. i'm also more productive probably. :) thank you! you'll know how it's going from future posts here. good to be back. :)

haathi... theng you! will keep you posted. yeah, i was thinking about what you're up to these days. i guess you're busy now in the lead up to next month. let me know when you're up to taking on some work.

Mee said...

Ajeya u were missed! Good to see you back:)

Mee said...

Hey just to share some bits of news here with you - Its been a month and few days in this new business I got into in, and we have won 4 clients already:)TW:)Good feeling indeed!:)

Ajeya said...

mee... :) that's super! 4 clients in a month is great! congratulations! :)