Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Wild Side - Rediscovered

So much has happened in the past year that I don't even know where to begin (or end for that matter.) And the year isn't even over!

One of the things that has happened in the last two months has been a paradigm-shift (yes, I know I sound like those jargon-spouting fresh-out-of-b-school-grads but what the fuck), where was I? Yes, paradigm-shift, in the way I live my life. I've rediscovered my wild side and I haven't been happier EVER! I don't know how long this will last but I'm going to enjoy it as long as it does.

What do I mean by wild? Not drugs, alcohol, parties, sex... I could do with the last item on the list. (It's been a while *sigh*) I just do exactly as I feel. Irrespective of the consequences. I hate pretending to be grown-up, serious and mature. I've started living life with the enthusiasm of a 13-year-old. Why 13 you ask? I just remember life being a lot more fun when I was 13. It reminds me of the time I sprayed shaving foam all over the school walls after the last day of exams. And you know what I got for doing that? The award for best academic improvement!!! Hahaha... fucking hilarious. I'd never have given me that award. Honest to god. I must admit that it was flattering to receive an award for damaging school property but shit happens :)

Yeah, so I've gone back to the 13-year-old phase but with a much wider perspective. It's like the enthu of a 13-year-old coupled with Ajeya's experience as he stands today. It's fantastic! And it's not like good things have been happening all while. But life teaches you to just accept it as it comes.

One of the things that has really helped me is faith. Faith in God. Faith in the goodness of people. Without expecting anything back. And, of course, acceptance. It works like magic.


evil_me_never! said...

13 year old, wild, re-discovered brat with wider perspective....... i know it is liberating to feel child like innocence and enthusiasm with dash of experiences of adulthood..(life is all about experiences..) "Its something unpredictable in the end its right,,,,, i hope,,, i hope you enjoy the time of your life"

Satandit said...


Be yourself...n thats what a lot of people dont end up being..n in the end its only yourself you're answerable to..

And..another thing...what about an updte on the "Date" ??


haathi said...

sounds like fun. if i were t go back to when life was fun and exciting, id go back to 17/18. everything was peachy. sigh...

Noojes said...

For me its 22...the age I adore :)

Suresh S said...

Prankish as it might seems now, but thats life:) But then u followed ur instincts buddy, din't u?

Noojes said...

Bangalore eh - I just got back from 5 days in Chennai but I am desperately trying to make it to Bangalore for new years

Ajeya said...

evil... i love that song!!!

satandit... true. date? :) went well. confusion persists :))

haathi... it is, it is! what a weekend in bangalore! :) missed meeting you guys tho

noojes... yeah, it's really not the age, more the state of mind thing na?

suresh... instinctive i am. thanks for dropping by. welcome to the highway.

noojes... bangalore... 3 fantastic w's, weather, women and whitefield farm houses :D