Saturday, December 02, 2006

Where Was I?

Before I get down to answering that question, I will be highly presumptious and apologise to fellow bloggers who have been coming here to check this space out. To those who haven't, well, you havent' missed much.

So much has happened in the last month...

  • Work Life: I've retreated to the familiar waters of e-learning after a brief and a not-so-encouraging stint at an advertising agency. I'm terrible at copywriting! Just to put in perspective, I've moved from thinking of a usp of an agricultural micro-credit scheme for rural India to studying the female reproductive system. I don't think I need to explain my decision to return to e-learning further.
  • Social Life: I've been having an absolute blast with my friends. As I've said earlier, this is a bunch of guys I've know for an average of 15 years ranging from a maximum of 21 to a minimum of 9. (Sorry about that, I studied Statistics in college a bit too seriously I think) So we've been doing our usual numbers, Mondy's on a weekend afternoon, gaming (FIFA 2007 on the PS2. Yes, we can't afford the ps3 just yet), warming our asses at the Sterling Barista discussing life, philosophy, sex, women, dating (or the lack of it), watching the English Premier League with great intensity (I almost broke my arm after Chelsea scored against Man U!). Oh and I've been on some great dates! Two really interesting women! One of them is already going out with someone, long-distance, I think. Don't know how things will turn out but I'm just rolling with it. Went sailing with one of them. It was awesome. My first time. Although I don't think the woman enjoyed it too much. Whatever. So basically the dating scene is sorta picking up.
  • Football & Exercise: I've been regular with football but I really need to put in the miles for the Mumbai Marathon in Jan. And it doesn't help that my left butt cheek is bruised and hurting like crazy after taking a fall during Friday morning football. *sigh*

Hope you guys are all well, Alexys, RM, Haathi, Noojes, Esprit, Satandit. See you around!


Noojes said...

welcome back :)
You were missed


haathi said...

eyyy good to have you back! its about time!
sounds like your life has been packed and fun!!
good good..
yes im running again. FINALLY!

Ajeya said...

noojes... good to be back. misssed the blogging crew :)

haathi... yeah, good to be back! :) it has been pretty fun! i'm slacking on the marathon prep but :(

Alexys Fairfield said...

Glad you are enjoying the flow of life as it comes. Do you need someone to rub your cheek? :D)

Satandit said...

ooooohhhh gooooydy, am glad you're having fun hanging loose.
Welcome back...
And, good luck prepping for the marathon...

ramblingmuse said...


I missed ya!

You sound like you're having tons of fun these day! :-) Ha ha...I love how you liked sailing more than than the girl. Whatever! ;-)

Good luck with the run!

Ajeya said...

alexys... HAHAHA... yeah, i could really do with a cheek rub!

satandit... heya! oh man!! i am so having a blast! it's crazy! yeah, need to get my marathon prep going

RM... misse you too! i am i am! hahaha... sailing is a rush!!! i can't help it. thanks for the wishes for the run.

ramblingmuse said...


I know about sailing! I've been taking lessons out here for a couple of years now. The next time you're out here let me know and we'll go tacking and jibe ho'ing! Woo hoo!!