Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Strange Ways of a Blog

It's weird that I will come to this blog and spill my thoughts onto it when I would (probably) never speak to anyone about half of what I write here. I suppose it's easier to say what you feel when there's no one judging you. No one to tell you if you're right or wrong. And not too many people reading what I write (kinda double-edged sword that) :)

But it's nice. When I started this blog I did it cause it just seemed like a fun thing to do. Only after a few months of random posts did I go deeper into the blogosphere.

I like it here. Talking to myself and a few others who drop by. You know a side of me you'd never know if you met me face-to-face :)

I'm the quiet, reticent types. I'll smile at you from a distance, say 'hi' and wont have too much more to say (if I don't know you well, which means most people outside of my circle of family & friends). I take my time to build relationships but the ones I have mean a lot to me.

I'm rambling now. See! I wouldn't say this if were speaking to you. Strange are the ways of a blog.


ramblingmuse said...

I'm the same way. Quiet, pleasant, somewhat outgoing, but definitely a natural 'deep thinker'. My blog allows me to process and express that side that isn't always appropriate to do 'in real life'. LOL.

I'm glad I'm privy to this side of you! :-)

Be well!


revati said...

hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!
i think the only reason i started blogging is to say stuff thats running thru my head [not all of] and doesnt always make its way out the verbal way..
its been almost 2 months and im loving it..

Anonymous said...

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