Friday, March 03, 2006

Soccer on Friday Mornings

I play soccer at a park here in Mumbai with bunch of guys (at Priydarshini Park). Most of them are married and have wives and kids. But what I love about our games is that when we're on the pitch, no one cares who you are. It's about playing for the team, staying fit and having a good time.

I feel like a school boy out there. Cussing my team mates for screwing up, high fives for good moves and of course the joy of scoring a goal.

I never want to be a fuddy duddy old chap who sits there enjoying a cup of coffee watching the kids have a good time. I want to be out there, getting dirty in the mud, laughing with the kids and having a ball.

I love living life like there's no tomorrow. In a good way. I don't do stupid things that harm me. (OK, I do binge drink occasionally, like once in 6 months. I'm ashamed... not) But I do the simple things that keep me happy. I want to be young all my life. May be not physically, but mentally at least. I never want to lose my enthusiasm for life.

I love the challenges life throws at me. I love my parents. I love my family. I love my friends. Hell, I even love my ex-girlfriend. And nothing will change that.

I love my life. I hope I can always make it to soccer on Friday mornings.


ramblingmuse said...

Soccer sounds cool. I played a bit as a kid. Was thinking about taking it up again to keep up the conditioning from the half marathon.

I'm thinking about running a full marathon later this year. How about you? Are you planning to run another event?

Noojes said...

Ahhh PDP...I live a stones throw away and yet I never find the time to come and enjoy the ocean view on the rocks...
Damn its time for a stroll at PDP...


Ajeya said...

RM... soccer's awesome. full marathon? i don't think so. i'm going to do the half marathon again (next year) but i'm aiming for a time under 2 hrs for the 21 km distance. i clocked 2 hrs 15 min in Jan.

noojes... if you're interested in joining us, we're cool. prerequisite for joining is an exhaustive knowledge of gujju expletives e.g. gandia :) but yeah, pdp is pretty awesome. and i come all the way from churchgate at ten to 7 (am) to PDP on mon, wed, fri. but it's worth it.