Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm an RDB Fan!

If you haven't guessed already, I'm a huge Rang De Basanti fan. I love the energy of the film, the music and the message it's sending out. Now yesterday, for the first time, I met a person who DIDN'T like it. She was so negative about the film, it was ridiculous!

Firstly, she called all of the youngsters in movie 'losers'. Then she went on to say the movie said nothing much. I half couldn't believe what I was hearing and the other half just wanted to knock her on the head. Now I don't know if you've watched the movie, but I thought it was a wake up call for all of us Indians who are so apathetic towards so many issues like corruption, communalism and a whole bunch of other evils. I found it an empowering film. It was telling me, if I don't do anything for the country, if I don't make an effort to change then I have no right to sit back in my air-conditioned room and criticize every little thing about it.

I know we have a lot of issues we need to sort out as a nation. But if I don't get my ass moving, there's no way I can expect the rest of the country to progress. If all of us decide to change and do our bit to keep our country clean, free of corruption and constantly raise the bar there's nothing we wont achieve. So Rang De Basanti only reinforces the idea that the change we are looking for is ourselves. The rest will follow.

I'm Indian. And I'm proud to be one. Jai Hind!


Noojes said...

As long as they don't pull "Sind" out of the national anthem...I'm fine

Jai Hind!


Ajeya said...

hahaha... hey you sindhis will lobby to have Haaaang Kaaang included in our national anthem. Vadi Saiiinn!

icy_highs said...

well the sad part i think is needing to watch a movie to realize our country has issues..better late than nevr i guess.

Anonymous said...

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