Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Running #37

Today's Run
Distance: A little less than 7 km (not sure)
Time: 40 min and a few seconds (not sure, don't care)

The toughest run I've done in a long time. Towards the end, every step felt like a kilometre.

It was one of those days when you wake up in the morning and the body is saying 'No, not today... please!' But I dragged my ass out of bed and made it to Marine Drive. I ran a shorter distance for two reasons:
1. I didn't have the heart to go by the Oberoi this morning. Dunno, just didn't feel up to passing the scene of so much pain and bloodshed. Not today at least.
2. Zero energy. I was low on energy even before I began the run. I can't explain it. Neither my mind nor my body were willing today. On off days, either the mind powers the body to go on or vice-versa. Today though, both ran out on me. Literally.

I'm going to run tomorrow again. Maybe I'll run some other place tomorrow morning just for a change of scene. Let's see.


Mee said...

I have been feeling like this for like 3 weeks now! But guess what has to be done has to be done, sometimes I am literally pushing my will power to dictate to the body to move it, and sometimes the body over powers the mind and bends it to bits and smithereen! Tough luck for mee today - am gearing up to hit the floor in 3 hrs frm now. And am praying I dont wilt by then!

As far as Taj or Oberoi goes I am not sure for myself when I will go thr next...

haathi said...

long time, no update!!!
hows the new life treating you?