Monday, February 11, 2008

Gifting Dilemma

My mum's birthday is in another couple of days and I have no idea what to get her.

She's one of those people who don't want anything in particular which makes it EXTRA hard to figure out a gift. She's not into flowers. No perfumes. None of the usual women gifts! Sorry to stereotype!! :) But you know what I mean.

I'll take her out to dinner for sure. She loves Thai food so atleast that makes things easier.

Now to buy a gift.

Running out of idea's... and time!!!


Alexys Fairfield said...

Just love. Tell her how much, how far, hiow wide, how high. She will love it.

akshay said...

i'd have to agree.

with people you love, it's not the gift, but the love behind it. often, you don't even need a gift.

Ajeya said...

:) thanks folks. really appreciate your thoughts. FYI, we threw her a surprise birthday party and she really was surprised! :) so that went really well. I couldn't think of a gift to give her but I wrote her a fun card.