Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back from Bangalore

I had a wonderful time attending my cousin's wedding. We're basically South Indian, Konkani to be specific, and the guy she married is a Sindhi so it was a nice mix of cultures.

Day 1 - The Cocktail Party: I had an absolute blast! Everybody in the family hit the dance floor, and I mean EVERYBODY. Old uncles, aunts, kid cousins, young moms... everybody was grooving. All the guests were in high spirits, no thanks to the bartender who was serving these MASSIVE drinks. I'm telling you, I must've downed like 4 drinks (I think!), but it felt like 8! Anyway, everything seemed nice, happy and jolly. I helped random old men get their drinks, danced with uncles and aunts, said cheers to practically anyone who had a drink, laughed with and at folks and generally had fun. An evening well spent! :)

Day 2 - Mehendi: Honestly, I can't stand the smell of the stuff so it got to me a little. Besides, I think there was a fair bit of alcohol still going through my system which made it a bit worse for me. The evening was fun though. Sitting and chatting with family at my grand-aunt's place and then a yummy biryani dinner at my aunt's.

Day 3 - Wedding & Reception: The wedding was nice. More or less traditional. The couple looked great together and I'm really happy for them. The sideshows here are the most fun. Everyone bitching about everyone else's clothes! :) It's amazing how clothes are the most talked about things at weddings. You'll see groups of men and women sitting in a huddle and discussing what people are wearing, why something is ghastly, pretty, shiny, sombre... whatever. Everyone has something to say about clothes I think. Then there's kids running around making a racket, young ladies preening and young men trying to get their attention... it's always a beautiful tamasha.

Apart from the wedding, I got a chance to walk around M.G. Road, St. Mark's Road and Church Street. Bangalore breakfasts are my absolute faves! I love the idli-vada-dosa breakfasts down south. And the best part is, the sambar isn't sweet like it is here in Mumbai (thanks to the Gujarati influence). The weather was cool, rainy sometimes and sitting there taking in the Bangalore morning at Kaycee's on Church Street wolfing down a set dosa was blissful.

Walking up and down Church Street reminded me of the time my friends and I went to Bangalore for the Aerosmith concert and stayed at, hold your breath, Dhanlakshmi Tiffin Rooms!!! :) It was pretty nice btw, DLTR. Happy times! :)

I'll leave you with an interesting message on a wall outside Bowring Institute. Enjoy! :)

Never mind the corrupt politicians, we'll get 'em Bill Sticks! Yee haw!


Anonymous said...

Good to know you enjoyed yourself AJ. hahahahaha the msg on the wall is great!! By the way it Koshy's where you had the fab breakfast!!

Mee said...

Unless its a friend or a very close cousin getting married, am not a great one to go attend weddings:(

Talking of Bglr and Koshy's , how I envy you dude! I used to go thr every sunday (after victoria was broken down) for our sunday appams and stew:), ever had koshys coconut soup? hmmm must try...:)

Ajeya said...

Anon... It wasn't Koshy's, it was Kaycee's on Church St. Give me some credit. I know Koshy's :)

mee... It was a close cousin's wedding and I had fun. :) No! Never had the coconut soup @ Koshy's! Will check it out next time. :)

haathi said...

its kaycees!!! i know what you're talking about and that place is not koshys!

thankd for coming :) glad you had fun. i did too..and the cocktail was the highlight of the entire 3 days. i think minus the reception (which was a downright pain in the b***), id gladly repeat the whole exercise all over again ;) ;)

thanks for coming..and bringing significant someones along as well!