Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's that time of the year again. It's marathon time. A time I always look forward to. I haven't been to any other marathon but the Mumbai Marathon is special for me. The spirit that you see, the camaraderie, the charity that is done through it and the overall feel-good factor is huge.

It's amazing to see thousands of people coming out on Sunday morning to support a variety of causes and not-for-profits, to see groups of people running on the streets on Sundays in the lead up to the marathon, to come across random folks on the road who'll give you the thumbs-up when you go past.
How do you capture moments like that? It's one of those moments you live your life for.
Mumbai Marathon, here I come.


Neeti said...

fyi-can see the pic now.

haathi said...

hey.. heard the marathon went well! good going!

Ajeya said...

neeti... yeah, I checked it out and it seemed okay from home too.

haathi... was super! thank you! :)