Thursday, July 05, 2007

Worth Reading

Here's a post written by a friend of mine, Alexys. Really nice.


Alexys Fairfield said...

I didn't know you were back. Welcome back. I'm catching up now.

Single again? You got a tattoo? Rewind. What? A tattoo? I am always the last to know. What does the symbol mean?

Chinese food. Yum.
Indian food. Yum.
Borat? Haven't seen it yet.

Thanks for the props.

You got a tattoo?

I have to digest it all. Have a great day. I am really glad you're back. :D

Ajeya said...

Alexys... hiii!!! yes, I changed my mind and decided to come back home. good to hear from you! :) the tattoo is a funky om symbol :) i'll see you around the blogosphere :D