Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm craving Indian Chinese Food...

1. A yummy steamed moon faan rice (with mushrooms)
2. Tofu, snowpeas, broccoli in black bean sauce (sorry, I'm vegetarian :P )... go to item 7 on list if you've read items 3, 4, 5 and 6 already
*drools on keyboard*
3. No I did not!!! ;)
4. Oh I forgot, a vegetable manchow soup to start with
5. Fried corn curd (c'mon.. even you non-vegetarians love this!)
6. Now go to item 1 on this list
7. and a to-die-for date pancake with vanilla ice-cream to end the meal
8. Bliss :)
9. Any guesses why I didn't continue writing computer programs? :)


1. The Quick Wok at All Stir Fry (Gordon House Hotel, Colaba)

I seriously need to drag my ass to China Gate, Ling's Pavilion or All Stir Fry tonight.

What I would do for a Chinese meal now...


nakedswaMi said...

AAAAAaaaaahhh... (mouth waters)
the weather is just right for hot hot indian chinese food.. :):).

Ps:this is niyu by the way.

haathi said...

im craving momos at the moment, and was reading your post. sighh.
im a chinese-a-holic. i cant eat it ALL the time, every meal, everyday.

Ajeya said...

nakedswami!! LOL... whyyyyy???? hahah... the trek got canned ya. freakin' rain!

haathi... sorry! :) i was dying for chinisss! but the craving went away 4 hours after the post *sigh* you know how it is when you're really hungry and you don't get food and then your appetite just vainshes??! that only happened

Ivy said...
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