Monday, August 07, 2006

My Time

My favourite time of the day is the early morning. I love waking up after a good night's sleep around 5 am. I usually spend the first hour reading and reflecting. Reading something inspiring, drawing a lesson from it and finally, figuring out how I can integrate the learning into my everyday life.

It's a time I cherish. Being with myself. Free from the beeping cell phone, the pop-ups of the Internet, the doorbells... everything. Somedays I wont even read anything. If I catch an inspiring thought going through my head, I try and just stay with it.

The early morning rejuvenates me. It equips me to face the day ahead. And when it's followed up with a good game of football or a refreshing workout at the gym, I feel like I can walk on water. I'm two steps ahead. Of me.

Of course all this means I'm asleep by 10 pm. It feels like a sacrifice sometimes when I'm missing going to the movies with friends. But when I'm up the next morning, I usually feel like I made the right decision.

There's always the weekends when I let go a little. A good drink at Ghetto, a night out dancing. the late night movie on Saturday night or just coffee with the gang.

As someone once said, 'eternal vigilance is the price of liberty'.

My friend's make fun of me sometimes. But it's all good. I think we respect each other's lifestyles. I don't think the way I live life is the way other people should. It makes me happy and therefore I do it. If waking up late works for someone else, that should be cool. What's most important is that each one finds his or her space and pace.


ramblingmuse said...


I admire that you are so protective of your quiet time. I remember a previous post where you said you were happy with your own company. I think back on that post when I have bad days. Hopefully I'll get to a place where I can blog about that too.


Ajeya said...

:) you certainly will. cheers!

Alexys Fairfield said...

I just discontinued my cell phone contract. Although I rarely used it, I didn't want to HAVE to use it. I feel so freeeeeeeeeee, like a cheap whore.

Seriously, there is a magnetic force that releases you when you free yourself fom wordly matters. We are in the world, but not of the world.

Peace be with you my spiritual adept.

Noojes said...

My time with myself is usually late at night when I lock myself in my room with my music, my books, my dvd player, my thoughts, my swing and my mind - ALL ALONE...

Part of the joys of being alive :)


Ajeya said...

Alexys... LOL! you're hilarious! freedom from the cell phone. that takes a lot of courage. i have thought about giving mine up but i'm not yet able to justify that decision to myself.

'We are in the world, but not of the world.' - beautiful!

And with you too my fellow seeker.

Noojes... music, books, thoughts, swing, mind... sheeeeer joy!!!! :-D

Satandit said...

New to your blog, loved this post 'cuz I certainly identified with it - my time alone,and dont laugh is just minutes after I wake up when I just stare at the ceiling and just let the world come back to me. Most of the time though,my 'me time' is just before I go to bed, and I enjoy it, cuz it lets me be me, with my feelings, my thoughts, myself.And, either times, I am protective, fiercly too, of my 'me time' !!!
Nice meeting and reading your blog.